I was raised in a small town near Cracow, Poland called Kety. Growing up, I remember painting, creating, and crafting. My deep passion for art, and design led me to apply to the School of Fine Art in Bielsko-Biala. There I began to hone my art skills.


After immigrating to the US in 1991, I applied to the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. While at MICA I focused on studies in fiber arts, painting, textile design, and sculpture. After earning my BFA in Fine Arts, I relocated to Connecticut where I began working as a free-lance artist.


Aside from creating fine art, organizing art shows and designing, I regularly paint, create commissions and decorative designs for private clients, decorators and architects. I enjoy working closely with my clients to produce one-of-a-kind custom designed products.


As a trained artist, I specialize in developing color palettes to complement the features of a space I work within. I carefully study tastes, ideas and aesthetic, consider the home's architecture, location and history to come up with a design that fits. Above all, I help my clients enjoy the process by ensuring seamless flow of all aspects of the process. 


In 2015 I launched The UPPER ROOM Art Studio, a place is for artistic exploration, creative thinking, fine and decorative art making. I enjoy sharing this special space with other artists and guests who find joy in pure painting and fellowship.


When I’m not painting, designing or organizing art shows, I share every moment I can with my husband Krys and our very busy kids.


Dorota Matys